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The Procrastinator’s Confession

Sometimes stuff gets in the way of my best intentions.  Important stuff that causes me to delay my blog offerings. I have really good reasons for this utter procrastination of effort.  Current really good reasons as to why I haven’t … Continue reading

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The Ants are Back Post

Once upon a time; perhaps,  a few hundred eons ago, I was an ant.  Yep, the bug kind. Back when I was an ant, I probably was residing somewhere in France. I think that being an ant in France would have been … Continue reading

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It’s War!!!

They’re back!!!  I call them the little rat-assed bastards.  I realize this may be considered overly harsh language by some folks.  However, I didn’t invite the dratted bugs into my kitchen.  They showed up without formal invitations like the mini … Continue reading

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