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The Super Phone Post

My cell phone died.  It quit behaving like a reliable electronic device, went into cardiac arrest several times during the week, and was eventually pronounced a piece of dead and useless junk by Mr. Dave, our resident expert on all … Continue reading

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The She Rises Yet Again Post

I decided that for the year 2017, I shall return to my blogging duties.  I retired myself for a bit of time while dealing with irksome issues that zapped my joy in life and all its occasional pitfalls.  Thankfully, I … Continue reading

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The Crabby Post

We are more than halfway through the month of March, and I haven’t posted anything for ages.  This is not a good thing, peoples, as I am generally a prolific and verbose writing machine.  I just haven’t felt a passionate … Continue reading

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The Woman Down Post

I am back to tending to my blog, peoples. I spent a week or three in hospital exploring the world of the average senior citizen patient. I believe I was spectacular at that job. I have many a giddy tale … Continue reading

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The Ants are Back Post

Once upon a time; perhaps,  a few hundred eons ago, I was an ant.  Yep, the bug kind. Back when I was an ant, I probably was residing somewhere in France. I think that being an ant in France would have been … Continue reading

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The Demise of A Beloved Electronic Appliance Post

Baking Sourdough English muffins on the griddle/grill My beloved Wolfgang Puck griddle/grill is no more. I wore it out, peoples. It was used almost daily for years and years, and then it just quit working. That’s the way it goes … Continue reading

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The Slave Trafficking Post

Slavery means being under the control of another person who doesn’t see you as an equal being. Think about that, peoples. Being enslaved… Having your freedom to choose what you will do today, tomorrow, ten years from now stolen from … Continue reading

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