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The She Rises Yet Again Post

I decided that for the year 2017, I shall return to my blogging duties.  I retired myself for a bit of time while dealing with irksome issues that zapped my joy in life and all its occasional pitfalls.  Thankfully, I … Continue reading

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The I Have Returned Yet Again Post

I have returned, yet again, to my blogging duties, peoples! I spent the summer months recovering from a long hospital stay to address a few lung and heart issues that sneaked up on me while I wasn’t paying attention.  Upon returning … Continue reading

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The Updating Goes On

I’m still in the process of fixing links that got broken as well as some HTML atrocities which occurred when I exported my old blog from Blogger to its new home here at WordPress.  As soon as I get that chore completed, … Continue reading

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The Blog Gremlins Post

I haven’t blogged for a while.  My understanding is that if you don’t blog at least weekly about something, a dastardly intentioned blog gremlin is gonna come to your house, usually during the hours you are trying to sleep, and perform some kind of … Continue reading

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