When I realized we are involved in the month of August and that I have procrastinated in my blogging duties, I wasn’t shocked. Didn’t faint. Did not look at the cat with an apologetic expression and beg him to forgive me of my sin of blog neglect. Is blog neglect even a sin? No matter. It is August and my silence has been long. It is, at present, over.

So, today I decided to purge my lazy and perform positive stuff and return to being a joy filled verbalista! That probably isn’t a real word because I just made it up. But it does provide a term encompassing my passion for the English language with my love of coffee.

In another life, I probably was a barista working for some feudal era coffee house that permitted employees to drink one free cup of dark roast Columbian per shift. Only on break, of course. If a scone or two went missing, it was probably me that took it. I like to dunk edible stuff in my coffee. I probably wasn’t very keen at paying full price for a crumbly old scone, so I took it and dunked it and ate it and did not pay for it. I am pretty sure I was one of those devious baristas who could do dastardly things like pilfer the scones and get away with it.

I am digressing a tad. The general idea is that I am going to post more stuff than I have been. I shall jibber jabber and post the results. I would swear not mention politics, religions, or anything that reminds me of spiders; but, where’s the fun in that? Nothing is off limits to this verbalista.  


About Rennie

Welcome to my blog. My name is Rennie. I am 66 years old, retired, and married to a truck loving guy named Dave. We live in the beautiful Pacific Northwest within the state of Oregon, USA. We are a household of two humans and one senior citizen kitty. I named my blog after two things I love to do. MuddiWorks is what I call my studio (a.k.a. extra room in our house where I keep all my art stuff). Kitchen Spurts is the term I came up with to describe my forays into the kitchen to cook. I am presently involved in the exploration of what it's like to be a financially insecure retired person. My blogs will be about things that interest me, amuse me, or irk me. My blog is my vent place.
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