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Me on my electric red scooter

On a recent Saturday, Mr. Dave and I went grocery shopping at what Mr. Dave refers to as the “Yuppie” grocery store. Such an outing is a great treat for me. I am one of those folks who requires a bit of assistance in ambulatory activities. In order to move around my home, I require a walker. If I go outside the home and there will be a lot of walking involved, I bring along my electric red scooter.  It’s a physical struggle for Mr. Dave to get that scooter in and out of the back end of Earl the truck, so I greatly appreciate all the extra effort Mr. Dave makes when we go on outings like this one.

The grocery store we shopped at is called New Seasons. It’s a sort of mecca of a store that is the perfect shop for us foodie types who are choosing to use more wholesome, organically raised, non GMO foods in our cooking. What I like the most about this market is that they procure much of what they sell from local resources.  Fruits, veggies, meats, dairy, and more come from local area farms and ranches, providing us shoppers with a variety of the freshest, best quality items to choose from.

agrocerybasketHow cool is it when a store’s butcher or produce guy can tell you the details of where the food item you are purchasing was grown. They can name the farm, whether the farm is an organically certified grower, and if the product is GMO free.  If you don’t know much about the issues related to genetically modified foods (GMO) click <here> to learn more about the subject. To be able to shop at a grocery where the staff is knowledgeable about what they are selling to the public is an excellent thing.

As I get out and about so rarely these days, I took full advantage by zipping up and down every isle of that store.  There was some excellent New Age music playing in the background while we shopped. Mr. Dave just rolled his eyes when I commented on how neat the music was. Mr. Dave doesn’t care if music is playing or not when he is grocery shopping. He just wants to get in and get out as quickly as possible. Too bad he dragged me along for this trip, because I was like a kid on her very first trip to a candy store. I was Alice in an organic produce Wonderland; and, I wasn’t leaving until I had seen everything there was to see.


Macintosh Apple

This particular day, New Seasons was celebrating the arrival of the fall apple season by displaying a number of apple varieties that were presently in season. We selected some Granny Smith for cooking, Macintosh for eating, and a few Honeygold good for both eating and cooking. Then it was on to the produce section where we scored some arugula, onions, herbs, chubby carrots, Japanese yams, and a lovely eggplant along with a few other standard weekly grocery items.



Once Mr. Dave could pry me away from the produce section, we checked out the meat department which had such an excellent selection of organically fed free range meats and poultry that Mr. Dave decided to bypass going to our regular butcher for our monthly meat supply and purchasing from New Seasons. Yes, I know organic, free ranged proteins cost a tad more; however, Mr. Dave and I have found that both the quality and flavor are superior to the corporate produced stuff.

An important point for us folks who shop at New Seasons is that what we purchase there helps support the local farmers and ranchers committed to providing our community with fresh, organic choices. It’s always a good thing to support your local farmers whenever you have an opportunity to do so.



Oh my goodness, peoples, they had a cheese department to die for. Wonderful selection. We sampled some locally made Gouda that was outstanding. We bought a little wedge to add to salads. They also had cheese curds, a Mr. Dave favorite. Their delicatessen department was so busy that we never got near it, and the in-house bakery offered every kind of bread, roll, cookie, pie, and cake you could imagine. It smelled so amazing there. The scent of butter, vanilla, and all those yummy fall spices. Epic!

They also have an olive bar which was something I’ve heard about but had never seen. Inside a refrigerated case are two rows displaying every variety of olive on the planet. Each variety of olive was in its own in little tub of brine. Shoppers select the size of the container they wish to purchase; and then, the shopper uses tongs to place their olive selection into the container, seal and label it, and then put it in their cart.

Pho sour courtesy of Wikipedia
Pho Soup photo courtesy of Wikipedia

 I could go on and on about how much fun I had shopping at New Seasons. They offer an excellent selection of international foods and ingredients as well. Lots of Japanese, Indian, and Asian ingredients are available. They sell a variety of fresh Japanese noodles like Udon and Korean sweet potato noodles. Next to the noodles is a huge selection of tofu types from silken to smoked. How cool is it to find a store that sells both pho beef and pho chicken stock! Pho soup is a popular Vietnamese dish and the making of the stock for this dish takes hours of simmering; so, having the stock already made is a good thing for those of us who like pho soup.

Suffice to say, we probably overspent a tad as I kept adding things to the cart that Mr. Dave would have never thought to add were he shopping on his own. I look forward to making some good food in the coming days with my New Seasons haul.


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