If I Was A Cat

If I was a cat, I would frolic in grassy green meadows and wear a crown of yellow dandelions….

If I was a cat, I would use all the available cuteness I possess to keep my humans under my sole control. Even when napping, I can exude an aura of such total mega cuteness, no human can resist my will………… 

If I was a cat, I would willingly go to war with the mice using my superior kitty intelligence and a shotgun just to make sure……….

If I was a cat, I would control the television remote, always. We would watch intelligent programs like Animal Planet and Sponge Bob Square Pants.  We would snack on canned tuna and Bud Light.  We would shun all sports programming…….
If I was a cat, any human who dressed me up in a ridiculous fashion such as the above and then took a photograph of my humiliation, would be instantly banished from the planet after being swatted thrice with a rolled up newspaper……..
Bad Human!!!
Have a happy day, peoples………

About Rennie

Welcome to my blog. My name is Rennie. I am 66 years old, retired, and married to a truck loving guy named Dave. We live in the beautiful Pacific Northwest within the state of Oregon, USA. We are a household of two humans and one senior citizen kitty. I named my blog after two things I love to do. MuddiWorks is what I call my studio (a.k.a. extra room in our house where I keep all my art stuff). Kitchen Spurts is the term I came up with to describe my forays into the kitchen to cook. I am presently involved in the exploration of what it's like to be a financially insecure retired person. My blogs will be about things that interest me, amuse me, or irk me. My blog is my vent place.
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