The Blind Guy With A Gun Post

OK, peoples,  every time I think us humans can’t get any sillier than we already are, the heavens will open up, a big fat ray of glorious, golden sunshine lights up the sky, and a Divine finger, which could possibly be attached to a godlike personage, points out where my house is located. Harps begin playing hip hop music, and a working-class angel of God, probably named Otto, will make a beeline from his tastefully decorated, impeccably clean, rural ranch style home in Heaven to my cat infested house of unfinished projects here in Oregon bearing  news about stuff I did not know that is so darn near hilarious, that if I didn’t share it with you all, I would probably be committing some kind of dreadful mortal sin…….
Anyways, I was happily sipping my Sunday morning coffee and reading the national news when I happened upon a news article written by Jason Clayworth reporting that the state of Iowa, right here in the good ole USA, is granting weapons permits, primarily for hand guns, to blind people….. 

Yep, blind peeps armed and ready to shoot the crap out of the first felonious appearing blur that panics them.  This is what American democracy is all about, world!  We Americans are a free-minded people, some of us armed to the teeth with assorted, legally permitted, weaponry, and by gummy, we have a Second Amendment right that gives us permission to blast our fellow humans to smithereens even if we can’t actually clearly see what we are shooting at!!!    


Legally blind woman learning how to shoot a semi-automatic weapon. Photo courtesy of Bryon Houlgrave of The Des Moines Register

Of course, I had to research this information to make sure that Jason wasn’t just making up this stuff.  I will never, knowingly, be a party to misinforming you all….

I’m somewhat relieved to report that Jason was not making stuff up, peoples.  Here’s a link to Jason’s full article as it appeared in USA TODAY.

Anyways, the article discusses the issue well enough, and is a worthy read.  Gun control in the USA is a messy debate that includes matters I never thought about before like peoples rights under the Americans with Disabilities Act versus common sense versus local gun laws which vary depending on what state you reside in. 

What I found myself most drawn to were some of the quotes from both advocates for, advocates against, and folks who were just plain confused about this portion of the American gun control issue as it presently stands.  Take a look at these quotes made by our fellow humans:

“When you shoot a gun, you take it out and point and shoot, and I don’t necessarily think eyesight is necessary,” Michael Barber, who is blind, told the paper.”

“I’m not an expert in vision,” Delaware Sheriff John LeClere said. “[But] at what point do vision problems have a detrimental effect to fire a firearm? If you see nothing but a blurry mass in front of you, then I would say you probably shouldn’t be shooting something.”

“There’s no reason solely on the (basis) of blindness that a blind person shouldn’t be allowed to carry a weapon,” Chris Danielsen, PR director of the National Federation of the Blind, told the Register. “Presumably they’re going to have enough sense not to use a weapon in a situation where they would endanger other people, just like we would expect other people to have that common sense.”

Jason’s article is part of a larger series of reporting on gun control issues across the country that USA TODAY offers on the subject.

This is a link to the USA TODAY series of gun control articlesIt’s worth a visit and a read…..


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