Gadget Addicts and SodaStreams


Sodastreams come in a variety of styles and colors

As satisfied users of the Fountain Jet  style soda maker, manufactured by SodaStream International LDC, Mr. Dave and I have concluded that we are so bedazzled by this extremely neato gadget that we must share our enjoyment of it with all you peoples who, like me, are confessed gadget addicts. 

What is a gadget addict? Well, according to Mr. Dave, a gadget addict is a woman who should never be allowed to watch late night television commercials featuring stuff that we really don’t need, but is way cool to play with.  According to me, a gadget addict is an essential and important member of the world economy.  Because of the purchases us gadget addicts make, folks are employed worldwide. Us gadget addicts keep the economy moving forward!!!
Anyways, the SodaStream is a gadget that actually works as advertised, isn’t terrifically expensive, is easy to use, and helps to reduce the number of plastic soda bottles that end up in our local landfills.  This is a good thing…..

This gadget  enables you to carbonate water.  After carbonating the water, you can mix in any number of flavorings to make your own homemade soda pops, flavored waters, or excellent sparkling fruit juices.

This is what the gadget looks like. We bought the cheapest model, the Jet Fountain. The Jet Fountain came with a CO2 cylinder, plastic housing for the CO2 cylinder, a one-liter reusable plastic bottle with a reusable cap, and a selection of trial-sized SodaStream flavorings, both diet and non-diet. 

To carbonate water using the Jet Fountain, you pour some ice cold water (we use tap water we keep in the refrigerator) into the bottle. Really cold water carbonates better.  The SodaStream bottles are designed to hold up to the pressure created by the carbonation process.  After filling the bottle with cold water, you screw the bottle into the unit.  Next, you simply press down on the button located at the top.  The button releases CO2 into the water, creating carbonation.

The unit makes a buzzing sound when you have reached maximum carbonation.  After carbonating the water, you add in your flavoring, screw on the cap, and then turn the bottle up and down a couple of times to mix the carbonated water and flavoring together. 

The cost, excluding shipping, was $79.00.  Because of the CO2 cylinder, someone had to be home to sign for the package.  If you order one online, be aware of this, because in the USA, UPS won’t deliver it without a signature.  It may be easier to purchase one at Walmart or some other department store if this will be a problem for you working peoples. 

Here’s some info on SodaStream courtesy of Wikipedia. Yep, Wikipedia had articles on SodaStream!  I so love Wikipedia.  One fact I found interesting about this particular company is that it’s factories are located in Israel’s West Bank and employ over a thousand Palestinian citizens.

This is a link to the SodaStream company website in case you’re interested in learning a bit more about this gadget from the folks who manufacture it. Walmart has the best prices on SodaStream products in our area of the country.  

We’ve had this gadget for a few weeks now and have sampled several of the SodaStream brand drink mixes. SodaStream offers a good selection of liquid drink mixes in both diet and non-diet form. We use the diet kind. 

SodaStream’s claim is that you can get 33 cans worth of soda out of each bottle of their brand of drink mix.  We found that for all of the SodaStream mixes we’ve tried, we had to add about a half a cap full more of the mix to create a decent flavored product. 

 This is an OK thing for us.  We were more interested in reducing the number of plastic bottles we toss out rather than saving oodles of cash by making our own carbonated beverages versus purchasing the store brands. So, for our household, this gadget worked as advertised.  SodaStream sells both liter and half liter reusable containers with screw on caps.  The containers are solidly made to withstand the pressure created when you carbonate the water with the CO2.  The caps are also made to last. 
These are the SodaStream drink mixes we’ve tried, thus far, and our opinion of their flavor: 

Diet Root Beer:  Mr. Dave considers this the best one.  Tastes very close to the A&W brand. I liked it also. 
Diet Cola:  This one was a thumbs down from both of us.  Just didn’t have a great cola flavor even when we increased the amount of syrup used. 
Diet Mountain Mist: Mr. Dave described this one as a twist between Mountain Dew and Mellow Yellow.  It’s OK but noting spectacular.                 
Diet Mr. P:  Mr. Dave, a known lover of the real Dr. Pepper, rated this a seven out of ten in flavor.  I thought it was OK. I rated it a five out of ten.
Diet Cream Soda: This one we both liked.  Great cream soda flavor.
Diet Orange:  This one is excellent.  If you like the flavor of Orange Crush, you’ll like this one.  Thumbs up from both Mr. Dave and me.
Diet Pink Grapefruit: This one is also excellent.  It has a perfect grapefruit tang.  Mr. Dave didn’t like it as he is not a fan of the grapefruit.
Diet Mango Orange:  OMG. This one is my top favorite. Spot on mango/orange tangy flavor. Mr. Dave liked it also.

The CO2 cartridge lasts a good long time; and, when it’s empty, we recycle it by exchanging it for a new cartridge at a local retailer.  By recycling the CO2 cartridge, we receive a discount on our replacement cartridge.  That is another good thing about this gadget.

Thanks must be offered to my brother, Tom, for alerting me that this gadget worked as advertised. 


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