The Gadzookeled Post

Gadzooks is a very good term for the way I feel today.  I am gadzookeled!  I don’t believe gadzookeled is a true derivation of the term gadzooks, but it should be.  A gadzookeled person, such as myself, is one who is having a cruddy day and needs a hug……
This is why I am gadzookeled:
Today is Sunday.  A usually good day of the week unless you are on the fourth day of a wretched head cold, have a runny nose, headache, are grumpy, and have a husband who is watching a stupid French movie that has English captions that are impossible to read unless I put on my glasses. 

          Pepe Le Pew

Every time I put on my glasses, they fog up because this cold makes my eyes water. This makes me even grumpier and I become so spiteful that I must make mean verbal comments about watching movies where everyone speaking sounds like a relative of Pepe Le Pew…..

Today is still Sunday, and someone’s husband, who isn’t interested in hearing her verbal thoughts, turns on the surround sound so that we can have a more total stereo English-captioned French movie experience. Mr. Dave is a brave, brave man……
Today is still Sunday and I am determined to get at least one blog posted.  This has become a challenge and a half because my beloved little lap top that has been my blogging companion for ages, and my most favorite computer ever died on me Friday night in mid blog. The hard drive, which was getting a bit wonky, finely bit the dust.  I got to see what the fabled “blue screen of death” looks like up close and personal…….
Today is still Sunday, I still have a bad cold, we are still watching the irritating French movie, my beloved laptop is no more, and I just remembered I also lost all the photo editing software that I was an ace at using.  I am using the backup laptop that has a keyboard that skips, and no place to plug in my stick memory thingy because all of those ports on this computer don’t work any more.  And I am gonna have to find some kind of generic photo editing software because my ancient version of Macromedia won’t work on this one and arggggggggggggg the irritation  of it all.  Did I mention that I am grumpy today?  This is not at all helping me loose my grump…….
Today is still Sunday, and I am trying to be kind to Harland the kitty.  Harland wants to sit on my lap while I try to type on this keyboard that skips.  Unlike the other cats who can pick up on when not to sit on the lap of a grumpy, short tempered, totally gadzookeled woman, Harland finds some kind of demented pleasure in trying to sooth the savage human…….
Today is still Sunday, and I am so sick of listening to the sobbing French woman.  The entire movie thus far has been her crying and sobbing about something.  I don’t know what it is because I am not wearing my glasses and reading the sub titles. 

I am finding a savage pleasure in irking Mr.Dave every fifteen or so minutes by asking him what is going on.  He is almost to the exasperated, exaggerated eye rolling stage with me. He is not ready to flip the channel to something else, mind you.  However, if a giant hungry eagle were to fly by our house, crash through the window, grab me up in its claws, and take me to its eerie as a snack time treat, I do believe Mr. Dave would think I was getting just what I deserved………  
Today is Sunday, and I probably will remain gadzookeled the remainder of the day. This is an OK thing……… 


About Rennie

Welcome to my blog. My name is Rennie. I am 66 years old, retired, and married to a truck loving guy named Dave. We live in the beautiful Pacific Northwest within the state of Oregon, USA. We are a household of two humans and one senior citizen kitty. I named my blog after two things I love to do. MuddiWorks is what I call my studio (a.k.a. extra room in our house where I keep all my art stuff). Kitchen Spurts is the term I came up with to describe my forays into the kitchen to cook. I am presently involved in the exploration of what it's like to be a financially insecure retired person. My blogs will be about things that interest me, amuse me, or irk me. My blog is my vent place.
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