Star Nosed Mole

Oh my goody goodness, peoples!  I found yet another amazing critter that so flabbergasted me that I have to share it with you all.  Introducing my newest favorite critter

A Star Nosed Mole

The Star Nosed Mole!!!

I didn’t know this sort of mole existed on the planet.  I bet you didn’t know this either, which is why I’m telling you about it now.  We need to know about these things, peoples.  How else can we appreciate all the amazing stuff that’s residing on our planet right under our very noses!  (Sorry, couldn’t help myself….)

Here’s the lowdown on this critter:

  • The Latin name for this critter is Condylura cristata.  I prefer calling it a star nosed mole because I can’t pronounce the Latin term.
  • They reside in places like Canada and the United States.
  • They eat earth worms, bugs, small fish, snails and anything else else found underground or in water. 
  • They can swim underwater to hunt small fish.  Sometimes luck is not with the star nosed mole, and a big, mole eating fish swims by and makes a supper out of this critter.
  • Other animals, besides big, hungry fish, that like to eat star nosed moles are hawks, owls, skunks, domestic cats, and probably lots of other predators that eat mice-like beasties.
  • Adults range in size from 5 to 8 inches in length.
  • The most unique feature of this mole is its nose.  Surrounding the tip of its snout are 22 tentacles which are called rays.  The rays are used to identify food by touch.  Amazing!

Here is a great video of this beastie courtesy of YouTube and National Geographic. It’s an excellent short video that provides a perfect peek at this little miracle of mole life. I especially enjoyed the horrific background music and close up look of that amazing snout in action.

Naturally, if you want to fully inform yourself about this critter and amaze your friends and family with your unique new knowledge, visit Wikipedia and learn all there is known to date about star nosed moles.

The world around us is an adventure waiting to happen, peoples!  There are still mysteries to be discovered and unique species to observe.  I, myself, like the adventure of learning new stuff.  I hope you do to.

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