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As some of you are aware, I enjoy watching a selection of non-cooking related television shows.  Specifically, I watch The Housewives of Orange County, New York, and New Jersey. I don’t know why I like them, I just do.  Probably, I like watching them because since my retirement from the workforce, I’ve devolved into some sort of kinky, weird lifestyle voyeur.

At this stage of my life, it’s most probable that I’m never going to live in a mega huge house in a glitzy neighborhood, drive an overpriced luxury vehicle, leisurely lunch at expensive eateries with my super stylish girlfriends, wear excessive amounts of bling, bleach my hair, get a face lift, nose job, fake boobs, cheek implants, lip injections, or phony fingernails.  However, via my beloved Housewives of programs I get to vicariously peek into that sort of lifestyle. Sort of……..

Ramona Singer

Just like the scripted soap operas of old, all these housewives programs have designated heroes and villains. I’m not entirely convinced that this is due to selective editing, as some of the gals have claimed. I’m pretty sure that Ramona Singer, who is the most ancient of the New York Housewives, is every bit as bitchy mean in real life as she is on film. I suspect the woman has either an addiction to prescription pills or alcohol or, maybe, both. She is so erratic it irritates me!  I don’t understand why one of those other housewives doesn’t just deck her to shut her up! Hmmm……I suppose the “gals” as they like to call themselves, all signed some sort of legal oath document swearing that they wouldn’t physically punch each other’s lights out. They are supposed to be sophisticated “housewives” after all….

My most favorite housewives are the Orange County ones. Hmmm …..a number of them are divorced, divorcing, or just living with their guy of choice. Hard to find a classic housewife amongst them….. No matter, I still like watching ’em. The Orange County gals, especially, suck me back to my high school days of long, long ago when petty teen problems oftentimes blew up into enormous misunderstandings at the drop of a pom pom. Watching the Orange County gals is quite like observing a group of elderly teens striving, nay, clawing their way towards  the goal of becoming the most popular housewife of all. Makes for good television.


My favorite storyline thus far on Housewives of Orange County concerns Vicki Gunderson and her new guy, Brooks Ayres. Vicki was in the process of divorcing her old husband, Don, when she dragged Brooks onto the show. From comments made by the other housewives, it appears Vicki had been involved in an affair for quite some time with Brooks previous to ending her long term marriage to her former husband, Don, whom all us viewers liked a lot. All us viewers pitied Don. Vicki was mean to him and appeared heartless and selfish as she spent mega money and time giving Brooks a makeover so he fit in with the Orange County crowd.

Of course, what we found out later on in the season, good ole Don while married to Vicki had been carrying on a ten year affair with another woman. Not to worry. Vicki was aware of it and since she was also cheating, it canceled out his cheating. Arggggggh…..Sheesh, Don! I am grabbing back all that pity I wasted on you and gifting it to Viki’s kids, Briana and Michael, who come across as way more mature than their floundering parental units………..

I could go on and on about the Orange County housewives and their assorted petty problems, triumphs, and tiffs, but I won’t. You either like this kind of superficial television, or you don’t,  I am entertained by it, but I don’t for a second trust that what I’m viewing is a true representation of these folks.  All the participants in these programs are paid well for exposing their flaws to the public; and, I expect that remaining one of the housewife participants encourages some bad behavior. Who wants to watch boring, got it all together, polite and refined housewives?  Not me!

Here is a link to BRAVO television’s website. Bravo produces lots of reality television programs, including the “Housewives of” franchise. You can watch full episodes and read all about the reality programs BRAVO produces.

Wouldn’t you know it! Wikipedia has an article on reality television.  I adore Wikipedia! Is there nothing that Wikipedia doesn’t cover? Anyways, it gives some good background info on reality television and it’s impact on the USA television watching public.

OK, I’ve got to get back to work here. I have other stuff I gotta do just now. I just got the urge to share  this with you all…














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