Introducing Titli Nihaan

           Titli Nihann

I have discovered the most amazing video blogger.  She goes by the pseudonym, Titli Nihaan, which means hidden butterfly in the Urdu language, the official language of Pakistan. 

In my humble opinion, Titli has produced some of the best video food blogs on the Internet. She has two YouTube channels, one called Titli’s Busy Kitchen featuring her cooking, and another called Titli’s Busy Garden featuring what has been going on, week to week, in her backyard garden.  As well, Titli maintains a written blog, where she shares her thoughts and where she posts the recipes she shares on her video  blogs.

Speaking of all over the world, Titli has traveled quite a bit in her lifetime.  She’s a native of the United Kingdom. Her career led her overseas, where she managed work teams in a variety of East Asian countries.  She also resided in France for a time.  If you care to visit her written blog, Titli’s Busy Kitchen, you can read more about her and view a world map which shows where in the world she has visited or lived. It’s an impressive number, and explains why Titli displays such a diverse variety of food styles in her video offerings.
Titli’s recipes are easy to make with ingredients you can redily find in most markets nowadays.  There are a wide variety of recipes to choose from, and new ones posted regularly.  Even picky Dave likes her food, and thats saying something because Mr. Dave is a meat and potatoes only kind of guy, and trying new and unusual dishes isn’t something he’ll do without a battle

Titli demonstrates how to make three  different cooking stocks

 I first discovered Titli’s video blogs when I was researching how to make English Muffins.  I watched her video blog on the subject and was hooked from there.  Her presentation manner is both entertaining and instructive without being overbearing.  Her enjoyment in sharing her recipes and methods comes clearly through as does her wicked sense of humor.

This is a link to her written blog, Titli’s Busy Kitchen.  There you will find the written instruction for a variety of recipes, including those on her videos. 

This is a link to Titli’s cooking channel on YouTube.  It’s also titled Titli’s Busy Kitchen.  This is the episode on English Muffins, where I first discovered Titli.

Watch Titli’s garden change week to week.

This is the link to her gardening channel on YouTube.  It’s called Titli’s Busy Garden.  She is presenting a week by week update for the entire year of 2012.  Each week she tours her back yard garden pointing out what’s going on with the plants in her garden  and how she is proceeding with the various gardening projects she is working on.

Titli has a nicely planned out garden with a good number of interesting plants, trees, and bushes growing there.  As well, Titli has a little greenhouse she putters about in. It’s been fun watching as her garden changes week to week.
Titli performs her gardening chores while providing clear explanations of the hows and whys of weeding, pruning, planting in raised beds, and other gardening subjects.  I look forward to her weekly garden updates.  I especially enjoyed the episode where we got to see some of the European bird species that visit her back yard. 


So, please give Titli a visit. I hope you enjoy her video blogs as much as I have.
Khuda hafiz, Titli



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One Response to Introducing Titli Nihaan

  1. Oh I love Titli! I'm watching her week 42 garden episode right now, actually. 🙂 Cheers!


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