Simple Saturdy Supper At Dave and Rennie’s

Arugula is also known as rocket, roquette, rugula, and rucola

This is the arugula orange salad I made for supper the other day.  Notice it is a salad for one.  Dave is not a willing veggie eater, so it was all mine.  I love the combination of citrus and arugula.   Arugula has a fresh picked greens flavor with a faint peppery zing to it.  It’s not a hot peppery taste, rather, it’s very light pleasant aftertaste.  It is a green that combines well with citrus, apples, or pears.  I like it combined with fresh orange segments.  Nothing else, just arugula and oranges.  My idea of salad heaven.

What really makes this salad excellent is the lemon juice dressing I pour over it.  I created this dressing to suite my taste buds.   Adjust the ingredients to suit your taste.  Here’s my recipe:

Rennie’s Fresh Lemon and Olive Oil Dressing

1/2 Tablespoon of fresh squeezed lemon juice
1 Tablespoon of olive oil
1 teaspoon granulated white sugar
Pinch of salt
Pinch of pepper
1 garlic clove halved
Put all ingredients, except the garlic into a small container.  With a whisk, beat them all together until the salt and sugar blends in and the mixture emulsifies. Toss in the halved garlic clove and give it another whisk and then set aside for a few minutes to allow the garlic to flavor the dressing.  When you are ready to pour dressing over your salad, remove garlic clove, whisk the dressing a bit and then pour over your greens.  Makes one serving. 
The rest of our Saturday Supper was as simple to prepare as my arugula orange salad.  First up were the grilled beans, a classic Dave favorite.

Dave’s Favorite Grilled Beans

The recipe for these is simple.  Go to pantry, locate can of Bush’s Grillin’ Beans, open can, pour can into pot, heat up and serve.  I can’t make baked beans from scratch better than these.  I consider these a carb, like mashed potatoes.

To go with the grilled beans, I made one Dave’s favorite chicken recipes. 


1 large boneless skinless chicken breast split into two halves
Sharp cutting knife
Plastic wrap
Meat pounder
Olive oil

Your favorite BBQ sauce


Carefully cut each breast portion into two equal halves.  You need a sharp knife to do this correctly.  You could also use kitchen shears to do this step.


Place each halved breast portion between two pieces of plastic wrap and place on a hard surface that you can pound on.  With flat side of a meat pounding mallet, gently pound each breast half until the thicker part of the breast is flattened out a bit and the thickness of the breast is evened out.

Pound out the breast from center to edges.  I often do this early in the morning and pop the pounded breasts into the fridge until supper time. 
When I’m ready to cook the chicken breasts, I remove them from the fridge and leave them on the counter for about an hour or so to come up to room temperature. Any meat will cook much more evenly if it is at room temp before grilling.
When you are ready to cook get out the rest of the ingredients.  Oil, salt, pepper, and your favorite BBQ sauce. That odd looking cylinder is another one of my favorite cooking gadgets.  It’s a Turkish coffee grinder which I use to grind black pepper corns.
Heat up a grill pan to 350 degrees.  I used my trusty Wolfgang Puck grill for cooking this dish.  Cooking could be done as well on an outside grill or using a stove top grill pan. 
I have to add that the Wolfgang Puck line of cookware has got to be the best investment I’ve ever made in cooking gear.  Best indoor grill ever and his line of stainless steel pots and pans are awesome.  OK, enough of my Wolfgang love fest.  I just can’t help gushing on about the stuff in my life that makes me a happy me.  Let’s get back to cooking those pounded flat chicken breasts.
Remove plastic wrap[ from chicken breasts, place breasts in bowl and coat with oil. Sprinkle both sides with salt and pepper.  I used olive oil, but any oil will do. The oil helps the breasts to develop those flavorful brown grill marks and it also keeps the meat from sticking to the grill.

Cook the pounded breasts on the grill about 4-5 minutes a side.  Sorry about the picture here.  The afternoon sun came out and lit up my kitchen.  I had a bright ray of sunshine coming through the kitchen window.  It played havoc with my picture taking.  You can see how nice the grill marks are on the chicken breasts.


After you’ve turned the chicken breasts over, to cook the other side, slather some BBQ sauce over the tops.  When the other side of the breasts have cooked, turn the breasts over and slather that side with sauce. 

Continue cooking on the grill turning often until the sauce has formed a glaze over all.  (This took about 3 minutes.)  Remove meat from grill and cover with foil.  Allow to sit about five minutes before serving.  The juices in the breast portions will redistribute during this sitting time and the meat will be juicy.  Makes 4 servings.


About Rennie

Welcome to my blog. My name is Rennie. I am 66 years old, retired, and married to a truck loving guy named Dave. We live in the beautiful Pacific Northwest within the state of Oregon, USA. We are a household of two humans and one senior citizen kitty. I named my blog after two things I love to do. MuddiWorks is what I call my studio (a.k.a. extra room in our house where I keep all my art stuff). Kitchen Spurts is the term I came up with to describe my forays into the kitchen to cook. I am presently involved in the exploration of what it's like to be a financially insecure retired person. My blogs will be about things that interest me, amuse me, or irk me. My blog is my vent place.
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